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Instructions | Petzl Rigging Operations SRT

Long ascent on the access rope with the handled ascender/rope clamp technique. Single rope access saves time and can be released from the ground if rescue is needed.

1.Install the climbing line over a suitable crotch.
2.Secure the climbing line to the base of the tree through releasable anchor to another tree.
3.Tie into the climbing line wiht the preferred ascending system and being your ascension.
In this procedure, the Frog System is being used.
Diagrams courtesy of Petzl

  • Petzl Sequoia SRT Harness
  • Petzl Ascension
  • Petzl Spelegyca
  • Petzl Croll
  • Petzl Delta
  • Petzl Secur
  • Petzl Foot Tape
  • Petzl Am'd Triact x 3
  • Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet
  • Petzl GriGri
  • Petzl OK Screwgate
  • Petzl Anneau (150cm)
  • Petzl I'd
  • Petzl Vector (61M)(optional)

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