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Rigging Lab Training Course:  Rigging Physics / NFPA Tech More Info jpg image
  Rigging Lab Course | Rigging Physics – NFPA Tech
Rigging Lab Courses – Enrollment Schedule

Length:   5 Days

Course Dates:

September 23 – September 27, 2013   Enrollment status:   Closed-May Be Re-offered

Tuition:   $925

Prerequisite:   This course is a hybrid course intended for advance rope rescue technicians who are either instructing or pursuing a career as an instructor and for those wishing to complete NFPA 1006 training. Students should possess a health and fitness level commensurate with the rigors of work at height.

Course Description:   This course is congruent to the requirements of NFPA 1006 for Rope Rescue Technical Rescuer. The participant in this course will receive training in applied studies of force multipliers, construction of elevated anchor systems over difficult edges, and in the rigging of horizontal systems.

Along with the NFPA Tech training students will be instructed in the principles of rigging physics. In addition to the study of applied rigging physics, the participant will also learn the appropriate applications of this information in the context of the classes they may be called upon to instruct.

Especially during training, not only does a quality instructor need to be capable of presenting basic physics at the technician level; even more important, lead instructors must have a solid foundation in rigging physics that will allow a rapid recognition of potential rigging problems before they become an irreversible accident.

Daily Start Time: Course attendance begins, daily, at 8:00 A.M.

Certificate of Completion:   Upon successful completion of course, student will receive a certificate of completion. Certificates awarded for this course carry no expiration date.

oregon_red_star_sisters_150.JPG Address:   601 N. Larch St., Sisters, OR 97759

This course takes place at the Rescue Response Gear training facility in Sisters, Oregon in the Rigging Lab. This location is conveniently serviced by four commercial airports.

We offer world class instruction renowned for providing a platform of exhaustive, elite professional industry standard instruction.

This course is an intensive schedule mixing classroom and many hours of in-harness time. Participants are expanded to be on-site for 8-10 hours each day.

Not Included:
The course tuition does not cover travel to the course location, accommodations (discounted hotels are nearby), meals or technical gear needed for student participation.

Participant Equipment Requirements:

Rigging Physics – NFPA Tech
Participant Equipment Requirements
  1. Personal Protective Equipment, including:

    1. Helmet (w/chin strap)
    2. Rappel/rigging gloves
    3. Minimum NFPA class 2 (class 3 is preferred) or equivalent harness
    4. Appropriate Shoes for wilderness locations (no running or tennis shoes)
    5. Appropriate clothing for wilderness locations and current weather conditions

  2. Rigging Gear, including:

    1. Descent device
    2. At least six rescue carabiners, NFPA L rated, or equivalent
    3. Self-belay device, i.e., Shunt or ASAP
    4. Mini-haul system/Set of Fours/AZTEK

  3. Other Course Equipment options:

    1. Participants are encouraged to bring any gear they may want to test/evaluate or simply present to the other participants.

Course Schedules

Course Registration: Contact Us

All courses are also available on a contract basis. Please contact us to arrange custom dates.

Course Enrollee's Right to Cancel:
Enrollee may cancel a course at any time. If cancelled 31 or more days before the starting date of the course Rescue Response Gear will refund the amount the enrollee has previously paid toward course tuition minus a $50.00 enrollment fee. In this case Enrollee can inquire about possible transfer of tuition paid to another Rescue Response Gear course held within one year of the date of the original course. Tuition paid by Enrollees cancelling enrollment in a course 1 to 30 days before the starting date of the course or during the duration of the course is non-refundable. In this case Enrollee can inquire about possible substitution in the course by another qualified enrollee to participate in the original Enrollee's place.

Rescue Response Gear's Right To Cancel:
Rescue Response Gear retains the right to cancel a course at any time should circumstances dictate doing so. Conducting rope training courses requires a minimum number of students. Conditions beyond the control of Rescue Response Gear such as weather and/or other safety related conditions could require cancellation of the course by Rescue Response Gear. Please keep this in mind when making course related commitments such as airline, hotel and car reservations and other preparations. Rescue Response Gear is not responsible for reimbursement of any such charges. In the event of a course cancellation Rescue Response Gear will provide notification to enrolled students as early as is possible. For your protection we recommend you look into trip cancellation insurance coverage with your insurance agent or with the providers you book travel arrangements & accommodations with.

Services & Education
Rigging Lab
Rope Rescue Training
Tower Rescue Training
Rigging Tips
Industrial Rope Access
Firefighter Gear
Firefighter Safety & Survival
PPE Inspection Info
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