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    Conterra Reach Rigging Pack

    The Conterra REACH rigging pack is about as high tech as a “rope bag” can get.


    Conterra SCARAB Rescue Tool

    Scarob Rescue ToolThe SCARAB® Rescue Tool

    The SCARAB® FR Ultra versitile general rescue tool, machined from solid 303 stainless plate. Works with 9mm to 13mm rope

    The SCARAB® represents five years of research and testing by Rick Lipke and the design team at Conterra. It was born out of the need for a small, simple device that could easily control heavy rescue loads, as well as excel at pick offs, twin rope systems and other general rescue techniques. The SCARAB does all this and more. It is incredibly strong and simple to use.

    The SCARAB® is the perfect choice for both Fire/Rescue and back country rescue environments.



    The new Techsar Rigging Pack is a marvel of organization. It opens to reveal two reinforced see thru pockets, a center section with movable tabs for a custom fit on the gear that you choose to place there, a padded fold out pulley caddy (also with movable tabs for different styles of pulleys), and a padded fold out carabiner organizer that stores up to ten biners with elasticized keeps. Rescue equipment not included.