Rigging & Anchor Plates for Rescue, Rope Access and Climbing

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    A CMC original design that has withstood the test of time, our Anchor Plates keep the carabiners holding the different parts of your rescue system from jamming together.

  • Rock Exotica rockStar 3-D rigging plate

    The Rock Exotica rockStar gives rigging professionals a variety of advantages over flat rigplates. Revolutionized out of the UFO, this anchor plate greatly helps those working in dynamic environments by providing what is now becoming a rigging phenomenon: the floating anchor.


  • Rock Exotica The Bolt

    The BOLT rig plate uses a quick-detatchable stainless steel rod, or ‘bolt’, allowing you to connect your gear directly to the five connection points without using carabiners. The result is a cleaner connection, and when pulleys are involved, more efficient use of space when lined up side by side than when using a traditional rig […]


    SMC NFPA Large Rigging Plate, Red

    Rigging plates are indispensable and help make setting up a rope system quicker and safer. SMC’s Rigging Plate is half the size of the bigger plates on the market yet it is just as strong. Features a single, large circular center hole that accepts numerous connections simultaneously plus five oversized, ovalized holes that are each […]


    Sterling Lightning Hook

    The Sterling Lightning hook has a been a major breakthrough in personal escape anchors. It gives firefighters an 8 ounce easy to rig remote anchor, saving them from the steps of building an anchor and giving them precious time to escape a dangerous situation when every second matters.


    CMC Arizona Vortex AZORP Kit

    Developed by Reed Thorne, the AZORP kit was designed to add versatility to the Arizona Vortex system by combining two component halves to be used in combination or used separately. Positioned either within the legs or on the exterior of the legs the AZORP kit gives an added bonus of multiple attachment points and added versatility to the Arizona Vortex System’s abilities.


    CMC Stainless Steel Anchor Plate

    The CMC Stainless Steel Anchor Plate is there to help you organize your rescue system to create quick and efficient systems with fewer mistakes, this stainless steel anchor plate is ideal for technical team or industrial riggers.



    Petzl PAW rigging plate

    The Petzl PAW series of anchor plates offer an ideal mixture of lightweight design, connection and orientation options.