Training Manuals and Field Guides

Instructional and educational material for the fields of technical rescue, fire rescue, industrial rope access, mountain climbing and arbor work.

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    CMC Rescue ITRS Proceedings

    International Technical Rescue Symposium, a technical rescue information forum on mountain, cave, fire, industrial and swiftwater rescue safety & performance.


    Technical Rescue Field Operations Guide

    In its fourth edition, this guide has a broadened scope of rescue incidents that firefighters are known to respond to. It serves as an outline to address all critical elements within awareness, operations, and technical levels regarding rescue.


    CMC Rope Rescue Field Guide

    Revised for its fourth time and packed with more information. The field guide is a chip off the olÂ’ block of the world renowned CMC Rope Rescue Manual, which features 35 years of research and experience around rescues and training.


    CMC Confined Space Field Guide

    Pocket sized with a bucket of information. Sections loaded with information from classifications and effects of hazards, charts for ventilation, communication systems, rope work, and response management along with other general information to keep rescuers safe.


    CMC Rope Rescue Manual

    Selling over 70,000 copies the CMC Rope Rescue Manual has become a staple reference for hundreds of departments and rope rescue training programs. Reflecting on 35 years of collective training and experience in rope rescue and rope access, it has turned into a definitive collection of techniques and information for professionals.


    CMC Rope Log

    An all weather log used to catalog critical lifeline information such as usage and inspection. Printed on heavy duty Rite-in-the-RainTM and with ample room for documentation.