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Sterling’s SuperStatic rope is engineered to be the best handling and top performing static rope on the market. The SuperStatic ropes have a perfectly balanced construction that allows them to be used in a multitude of work and rescue applications. Sterling’s HTP all-polyester ropes offer significant advantages over nylon static ropes in many applications. With less than 1% stretch per 300-pound load, the need to pre-tension is less, reducing the loads on high lines and tracklines as well as the time to set up. The HTP has superior strength and handling due to the unique and finely tuned sheath and twisted core construction. Even after extensive use, the HTP and the nylon SuperStatic remains supple and easy to use. For tower erection and maintenance, transmission line rescue, and work at height uses, the HTP offers low electrical conductivity, and greater resistance from UV and certain chemicals. As polyester is a naturally dry fiber, the HTP resists moisture and maintains its high strength characteristics even in wet conditions. The HTP is compatible with devices like the 540 belay device, Tuf Tug, Tractel, MIO and Petzl rope grabs making this the right rope for a variety of technical rope applications.

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Showing 1–12 of 47 results

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