Why We Do What We Do

          Fire fighters, rescue personnel, life-safety professionals and relief crews… At our core, we are simply big ole softies, but when alarm goes off, the warning siren blare, the weather patterns build into a furious red blob.  The adrenaline starts going and time has come… You know what you are made […]

Fire Departments Visit Nicaragua

In January 2014 Rescue Response Gear made a trip down to Condega Nicaragua, partnering with ERSLA (Emergency Response Services for Latin America) and the Bend Fire Fighters Foundation. The goal of this trip was to pull together several fire departments from the area of Northern Nicaragua and provide them with water rescue training for in […]

Tower access technique with semi-static rope.

Tower access technique with semi-static rope. WARNINGS Read the technical notice before viewing the following techniques. It is important to fully understand the information provided in the technical notice before using this complementary information Mastering these techniques requires training. Consult a professional before attempting to perform these techniques on your own. To access a tower, […]

Industrial Rope Access Anchor Considerations Part 1

Today, we are at Deschutes Brewery in Bend Oregon. The scenario is an industrial rescue and access context and we are needing to perform rope access work over the railing on an industrial cat-walk. Anchor considerations are the prime focus at this point and truly, any “roped” activity. We have looked at top rope scenarios […]

Mirrored Skate Block System Overview

This Video Series is Sponsored by We are looking at a Mirrored Skate Block system. Communication workers and other tower “type” workers are the normal benefactors of this type of system. One large benefit of stake blocks is the lack of high tension on the system… however, it can be difficult to learn and execute.However, […]

Using the Fast Fours for Fallen Worker Recovery

What has happened… a worker has fallen from his working platform. The worker condition is good enough where he is able to assist in his own recovery and rescue. Fast Fours Mechanical Advantage System The Fast Fours is a simple variation on a standard set-of-fours. The difference is that the far end of the rope […]