CMC 1in Flat Webbing (orange)

CMC 1″ Flat Webbing

The CMC 1” Flat Webbing is an excellent piece of gear. The one-inch webbing is constructed to be malleable and while most flat webbing will not hold a great know, the CMC Rescue Flat Webbing has been crafted to allow knots to be set securely as well as easier to untie than softer tubular webbing.


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The CMC 1” Flat Webbing is a strong yet malleable form of webbing. The one-inch webbing is constructed to be flexible enough to set strong knots securely while having a MBS of 6,000 LBF or 26.6 KN. It is a crafty piece of gear that also tends to be easier to untie than is softer tubular webbing brother the Mil-Spec. It is bulkier than the tubular webbing due to its higher strength rating weighing .7 oz per foot, that is .2 oz per foot more than the CMC Tubular Mil-Spec Webbing. This webbing comes in two colors yellow and orange and can be ordered by the foot or in 150 ft. (46 M) spools.

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