CMC Aluminum Oval Carabiner

The CMC Aluminum Oval Carabiner is a non-locking carabiner that is mostly used for racking equipment or as a keeper. This carabiner features a key-lock design with snag-free operation and a side-swing large mouth gate opening.


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The CMC Aluminum Oval Carabiner is a non-locking, oval, full rated key-locking swing-gate carabiner. Mainly used for racking gear or as a keeper carabiner on a mariner’s hitch or load release strap, it is always good practice to use non-locking carabiners in pairs. Oval designed carabiners are designed to equally displace force between the spine and gate, meaning they maintain full strength regardless of the attachment size. These carabiners come in three colorations Brite, Red and Black.   This carabiner weighs 2.3 oz (65 g) are 3 sigma MBS rated at 22 kn (4,946 lbf).

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