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Learn More rntttt Based on the proven design of New England KM III Rescue Rope, this low-stretch 8.5-mm kernmantle escape line provides outstanding performance with its polyester sheath covering a nylon core. Itxe2x80x99s large enough for easy handling, while still compact when stuffed in a bag or pocket. The bright orange color with yellow stripe provides high visibility. n Rope is sold by the foot. Please contact customer support for maximum length available. n n Escape Line Specifications n Certification xc2xa0xe2x80x94 UL Classified to NFPA 1983 Standard on Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services, 2017 Edition. n Construction xc2xa0xe2x80x94 Block creel, static kernmantle. n Fiber xc2xa0xe2x80x94 Core is 100% nylon. Sheath is 100% high-tenacity polyester. n Sheath xc2xa0xe2x80x94 32-strand braided, with half the strands having a left (Z) twist and the other half having a right (S) twist for a balanced, torque-free rope with maximum abrasion resistance. n Ratingxc2xa0 xe2x80x94 NFPA Escape Use n Temperature xc2xa0xe2x80x94 Melt point 460xc2xb0 F (238xc2xb0 C). n Made in the U.S.A.

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