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Learn More rntttt Pat.xc2xa09,737,736 n NEW! n The FreeTechxe2x84xa2 Harness is a figure-8 style fall protection harness that integrates ourxc2xa0patented SwitchPointxe2x84xa2 System for improving the comfort and mobility of a suspended worker in a post-fall scenario. This unique release mechanism provides a means for the user to safely and easily transfer their body weight from the dorsal connector on the upper back to the front waist location of the harness to reorient into a seated position. This repositioning aids the wearer by allowing increased freedom and mobility, which may help delay the onset of orthostatic intolerance, also referred to as suspension trauma. The FreeTechxc2xa0design and function provide a more comfortable position and allow additional freedom of movement to a fallen and suspended worker while awaiting rescue. n n Unique SwitchPointxe2x84xa2 System technology may help delayxc2xa0suspension trauma n Comfortable design for extended wear n Easy to don and doff using the quick-connect buckles n Secure quick-connect buckles are fast and simplexc2xa0to adjust n Contrasting thread colors aid in inspection n Integrated Fall-Arrest Indicator n Corrosion-resistant hardware n Lanyard attachment loop n Capacity:130 lb (59 kg) xe2x80x93 310 lb (140 kg) n Made in USA, of domestic and foreign components n UL Classified to ANSI Z359.11 n n xc2xa0 n n n n n CHIP MACDONALD FROM BEST SAFETY, LLC BELIEVES THE FREETECH HARNESS TECHNOLOGY IS A GAME-CHANGER IN THE PFA MARKET. READ HIS FULL REVIEW HERE. n n n n n n n n n xe2x80x9cNow that the FreeTechxe2x84xa2 Harness with its patented sit-posture, repositioning device is a reality, we in the S&H industry cannot ethically continue relying on the semi-effective, after-market technology of xe2x80x9crelief strapsxe2x80x9d (R-straps) to prevent or even delay the cardio-pulmonary debilitation of suspension trauma (ST) any longer.xe2x80x9d n -Chip Macdonald, President, Best Safety LLC

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Weight 3,21.4 lbs




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