CMC Lifesaver Victim Harness

CMC Lifesaver Victim Harness

The CMC Lifesaver Victim HarnessTM is a quick and safe way to position and rescue a victim no matter what rescue situation comes at you. Optimized with quick attachment V-ring’s, this harness can be easily placed onto the victim without excessive movement of the victim. A one size fits all harness, this is an easy to store victim harness.


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The CMC Lifesaver Victim HarnessTM  aids in quick rescue with V-ring attachments on both the waist and legs. This harness can be placed onto the victim without them stepping into the harness. The multi-colored webbing and two-inch hook-and-loop Web KeeperTM technology aid in placement while the one size fits design makes this a versatile harness in any victim rescue scenario. With the easy to add CMC Lifesaver Victim Chest HarnessTM (Sold Separately) the CMC Lifesaver Victim HarnessTM rounds it all out with an attached storage bag for quick deployment and storage. This harness weighs 2 lb 14 oz (1.3 kg) and fits up to a 62 in (157 cm) waist and comes in a designed Black/Blue/Red only.