The CMC MPD is the innovative multi-purpose device that allows the user to go from lowering to raising without changing hardware.The CMC MPD is a UL Classified pulley, descent control device and belay device. A high efficiency pulley with an integral rope-grab mechanism optimizes the best of both worlds.

Sizes: Red = 13 mm, Blue = 11mm


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The CMC MPD is a CMC innovation that is changing the face of rigging and rope rescue systems. This patented multi purpose device features a high-efficiency pulley with a built-in rope grabbing mechanism that allows the device to be used not only as a variable friction descent/lowering-control device on the main line of a belay system, but with a few simple steps, can be turned into a powerful ratcheting raising system without a hardware change. The MPD offers a becket for cleaner more efficient rigging, the main line and belay line to be mirrored or twin-tensiones, and can function as a lowering brake.  This multi-use hardware allows for a valuable decrease in rescue time and simplifies the systems needed in a rescue or rigging scenario. The CMC MPD is a UL Classified pulley, descent control device and belay device. This device also includes a padded Cordura Nylon storage bag and users manual. The CMC MPD comes in two rope sizes a 13 mm version and a 11 mm version. The 13 mm version is designed to be used with 12.5 -13 mmm rope and is NFPA “General Use” for both Pulley/Belay and Descent Control. The 11 mm version is rated “Technical Use” in descent control and “General Use” in Pulley/Belay systems. The MPD weighs 2 lb 10 oz (1.2 kg) and Pulley rating of 3 sigma MBS 44kn (9,891 lbs) while as a Descent Control Device the 13 mm is rated 23 kn (5,170 lbf) and the 11 mm is rated 20 kn (4,496 lbf). The 11 mm comes in Slate and the 13 mm comes in Red.


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