CMC ProTech Double Pulley

CMC ProTech Double Pulley

The CMC ProTechTM Double Pulley is a Prusik minded and low profile stainless steel double pulley with a becket that uses machined side plates and sealed ball bearings to maximize strength-to-weight ratios.


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CMC ProTechTM Double Pulley is built for backcountry use. Designed with stainless steel low-profile hardware to reduce grabs or snags and built with machined side plates to increase strength this pulley takes full advantage of strength-to-weight ratios. Designed with a becket to aid in creating a compact mechanical advantage system, this pulley is smooth and mounted on sealed ball bearings. Ideally this pulley is used in backcountry rescue, swiftwater or other situations where pulley weight is a significant issue. This pulley weighs 5.5 oz (156 g) and comes in Sand. It is NFPA rated for “General Use” and has a 3 sigma MBS rating of 44 kn (9,891 lbf). This pulley is not compatible with ½ inch (12.5 mm) and large rope.



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