The CMC Traverse 540 Rescue Belay is a crafty self locking, symmetrically designed rescue system belay device created to discharge the hard tensions that occur at times in rescue belay situations.


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The CMC Traverse 540 Rescue Belay passes the British Columbia Council of Technical Rescue belay competency drop test criteria. It is a symmetrically designed easy to use belay device that discharges the tension on a belay rope. This device comes in two sizes Large and Small. The Small device uses 10.6 -11.5 mm rope while the Large uses 11.5 – 13 mm rope. This discharge eliminates the need for a release hitch and also makes this system able to hold falling loads quickly while limiting the peak forces. The CMC Traverse 540 Rescue Belay is rated for “General Use” with a 250 kg load and a 12.5 mm rope and is rated for “Technical Use” when using a 11.1 mm rope and a 200 kg load.The Large comes in Blue and the Small comes in Green. The CMC Traverse 540 Rescue Belay weighs in at 1 lb 6 oz (624 g). This device is NFPA rated “General Use” and is 3 sigma MBS rated at 36 kn (8,093 lbs).

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