CMC Rescue Rack

The CMC Rescue Rack gives the user excellent control over the rescue load. Prefabricated to disperse heat and withstand heavy use this descender uses CMC Super Finish.

Product Description

The CMC Rescue Rack is a simple descender that comes from the old school days of rigging and is combined with a new school finish and tech. Finished with a proprietary Super Finish, this descender helps to dissipate heat with the center drilled bars. The CMC Rescue Rack comes with a Turbo Bar at the top for a tie off and the second rack has a straight slot to help notify the user of an incorrectly rigged rack. The top two bars, which take the brunt of use, are a full 1” in diameter and the lower four bars are ?” and the rack comes with a welded eye at the bottom. The CMC Rescue Rack weighs in at 1 lb 12 oz (794 g) and comes in Stainless Steel/Black. It is NFPA rated “General Use/Technical Use” and is 3 sigma MBS 22 kn (4,946 lbf)/ 13.5 kn (3,035 lbf).