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CMC Rope Rescue Manual

Selling over 70,000 copies the CMC Rope Rescue Manual has become a staple reference for hundreds of departments and rope rescue training programs. Reflecting on 35 years of collective training and experience in rope rescue and rope access, it has turned into a definitive collection of techniques and information for professionals.

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A reflection of more than 35 years of responding to rescues, training, testing, and development, this manual has compiled hundreds of techniques in dozens of categories related to rescue and rope access. With over 70,000 copies sold it has become a standard book put to use by departments and rescue training programs throughout the world. The book includes 240 extensive and detailed illustrations and photos walking through every step of lowering and raising systems, mechanical advantage, and rappel systems. Along with step by step procedures of topics ranging from safety, equipment, rappelling, pick offs, litter evacuations, patient packaging, improvised high anchor points, and organizing the response. Each of one of its 360 pages are packed with 35 years of professional techniques time tested and used in the field, and is an incredible tool for anyone involved with rescue or rope access.   Please Note : CMC recognizes that there are many variations or differences in techniques within the scope of rescue. Every CMC text is written with the direct interaction of the leading authorities and definitive texts on the issue. It is recognized that techniques and equipment develop constantly, which means that some new developments may not be included in the books.

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