CMC Swivel 1.1" Single Pulley Open

CMC Swivel 1.1″ Single Pulley

The CMC PMP Swivel Pulley 1.1 is CMC’s patented prusik-minding pulley taken to the light level designed with an aluminum 1.1” sheave.


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If you need a pulley that optimizes weight, the CMC PMP Swivel Pulley 1.1 weighs just 5.1 oz (145 g) and its sheave thread size is 1-½ by ½ inch (38 by 13 mm) and it comes in Orange and Slate. This pulley is designed with a swivel system to align the rope with the direction of pull and allows for ease in introducing a rope with its double-detent side plate. Lightweight and compact with the 1.1” aluminum sheave and sealed ball bearings, this pulley is 3 sigma MBS rated at 23 kn (5,170 lbf).

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