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ISC Singing Tree Rope Wrench

Over the past four years, the ISC Singing Tree Rope Wrench (STRW) has become a well established, popular tool within the Production Climbing industry. Use of the Rope Wrench in competitions has been limited, as the STRW had not been widely recognized by climbing competition organizations / committees…until now!

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Working at-height, shouldn’t overly complicated. There is a new paradigm emerging at it is called a “twin primary system”. This means no longer do you have a mainline and back up or.. one rope “pretending” to be two. A “twin primary system” is used in a Stationary Rope System or formally known as an SRT system (single rope technique). This system using, using the ISC Rope Wrench is the “new mind” for not just ropers in trees, but rope technicians working at height anywhere. You are seeing the future in the development stage with the twin primary system.

Rope diameter range (mm) 11 – 13mm (7/16 – 1/2″)
Pulley wheel color Grey
Wheel material Aluminium
Finish Anodized
Color Red
Weight (grams) 128
Weight (ounces) 5

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If you rig Artificial High Directional Anchors (AHDs)...
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