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Petzl ASAP Fall Arrester International Version


The Petzl ASAP international version Mobile fall arrester with an OXAN carabiner is a mobile fall arrester, designed for hands-free single or two person loading.

The ASAP will follow a worker or rescuer up and down rope seamlessly without any need to mind it, assuming proper technique is used.

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A self-trailing, mobile fall arrester, the Petzl ASAP works to arrest a fall in the true vertical arena or in high angle applications as well. This device can also be used as a worker’s connection point in a edge-line fall arrest system, provided that the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed.

Using proper technique, that is, maintaining the shock absorbing lanyard in position above the user’s shoulder, the ASAP will trail upon ascent and descent without any need to mind it’s position. The ASAP may also be used to back up a belay system, however, it is imperative that the belay attendant maintains both the mainline and the safety line, so as to not allow “belly” to form behind the ASAP. A toothed wheel rolls along with rope progression and in the event of a fall will engage and pinch the rope between the rolling wheel and the rope channel of the device. Testing the device is also simple, needing only a flick of the wrist to engage the locking mechanism. The Petzl ASAP must be used with a shock absorbing lanyard. The aluminum frame is lightweight, while the stainless steel cam is durable and  helps address potential corrosive factors.


  • Constant fall protection:
    – arrests falls, slides, and uncontrolled descents
    – works on vertical or angled rope
    – locks on the rope even if grabbed during the fall
  • Simple to use, and effective:
    – moves up or down the rope, without any manual manipulation of the device
    – easy to install and remove at any point on the rope
    – it can be used with an energy absorber to work at a distance from the rope: the ASAP’SORBER international version or ASAP’SORBER AXESS allows uses of up to 250 kg in two-person rescue situations
  • Comes with an OXAN TRIACT-LOCK automatic locking carabiner (international version)


  • Material(s): aluminum, stainless steel
  • Weight: 525 g (295 g for ASAP and 230 g for OXAN TRIACT-LOCK)
  • Certification(s): ANSI Z359.15 when used with OXAN TRIACT-LOCK (international version) carabiners, an ASAP’SORBER (international version) or ASAP’SORBER AXESS energy absorber, CAPTIV positioning bars, and a RAY 12 mm rope with a sewn termination
  • Certification(s): CE EN 12841 type A when used with OXAN TRIACT-LOCK (international version) carabiners, an ASAP’SORBER (international version) or ASAP’SORBER AXESS energy absorber, CAPTIV positioning bars, and an EN 1891 type A 10 to 13 mm rope

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