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Petzl KOOTENAY pulley

The Petzl KOOTENAY is a knot passing pulley designed for use in tyrolean traverses on two rope track systems. The sheave can also be locked off to allow a large diameter connection for full strength tie-offs, such as the blitz hitch or tensionless hitch.


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The Petzl KOOTENAY is an extremely useful tool when the scenario calls for long evolutions which require knot passes or as part of a carriage system in twin rope tracklines. The 76mm sheave can be locked off and the KOOTENAY can be used as an anchor plate. The sheave can then be used to facilitate high-strength tie-offs such as the blitz hitch or the tensionless hitch. Plentiful attachment points lend to the versatility of the pulley. Sealed ball bearings ensure efficiency when the sheave is unlocked.

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