Petzl RIG descender

Petzl RIG descender

The Petzl RIG takes it’s cues from the I’D, and delivers a stripped down, lightweight, personal descent device. This device is a favorite of rope access professionals everywhere.


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The Petzl RIG takes off from the Petzl I’D small, and streamlines it’s approach. The RIG is ideal for personal ascent, descent and positioning. The redesigned handle action makes this device easy to operate under lighter loads, while it’s lake of break-over panic function allows for quick, fluid movements. Carrying the same cam-based strength rating as the I’D small, the RIG allows for similar versatility and can be used as a progress capture with in-line haul systems, tensioning systems and many other “T” rated applications. The Petzl RIG features a pivoting cam that pinches the rope when locked, while it’s swinging side plate allows for easy install at any point on the rope. The safety gate allows easy loading without disconnecting the device. Due to it’s streamlined design, the RIG is recommended for use by trained, competent professionals only.

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