Petzl VULCAN SCREW LOCK carabiner

A high strength, steel, locking “D” carabiner. The Petzl VULCAN is great for heavy loading and building bomb-proof anchor systems.


Product Description

The Petzl VULCAN is a high strength, steel carabiner. Oversized, it can easily make connection with multiple attachments. The “D” shaped VULCAN is a great choice for high strength anchors, for big haul evolutions featuring heavier loads (600 lbs +) and for scenarios that call for high breaking strengths and durability. This carabiner features a keylock nose to reduce snagging and a wide gate clearance for making tough industrial connections.This carabiner is offered in regular color scheme and in tactical black. The regular color set is available with either a screw-lock or 3 stage auto-locking gate, while the tactical version is available in screw-lock only. ANSI/CSA version available as well (M73 TLA).

Additional Information