Rock Exotica SwivaEye Auto-Lock Carabiner

The Rock Exotica Swivabiner brings together the best of two worlds by combining two Auto-Locking carabiners with a swivel. Designed as a strong connector with load orientation in mind, this SwivaBiner streamlines your rigging set up.



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Nearly every swivel is eventually attached to a carabiner. Why not combine them? This innovative device eliminates the need for a separate swivel and two carabiners. A perfect integration of our high quality swivels and our technically advanced carabiners. These devices dramatically decrease the length and the weight of your set-up. The two carabiner ends of the SwivaBiner are machined out of solid aluminum and are connected by a stainless steel axle. Designed for orientation of a load, not for high RPM applications.

The Rock Exotica SwivaBiner is a uniquely designed piece of gear that eliminated the need of a swivel in a dual carabiner set up, when load orientation is key. The SwivaBiner stays safe with the three stage Auto-Locking systems seen in other Rock Exotica carabiner series. The use of a high strength bushing featured in the SwivaBiner allows for easy load orientation that can withstand greater abuse than the normal bearings used in swivels. Ideal for load orientation, not high speed rotation, this Rock Exotica product brings together the best of two worlds and streamlines your gear needs.

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