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Manufactured by Skedco, the makers of the Sked® Stretcher and made up of aircraft grade gold anodized aluminum legs and cast aluminum head. Featuring three heavy-duty rigging anchors with large holes for easy attachment in the center, along with multiple adjustment options to enable usage on nearly any foundation.


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Made for heavy duty rescue situations from heavy duty materials. The Sked Evac Industrial Tripod is made up of aircraft grade gold-anodized aluminum in the legs, and a cast-aluminum head, to create a literal trifecta of power. It also includes three heavy duty rigging anchors with extra large holes for slick and easy attachments. The legs adjust in 5 inch increments and extend to a maximum height of 10 feet and a minimum length of 7 feet for transporting. Each foot at the base of the legs have the ability to either be equipped with a sure-grip rubber pad or a point to provide ideal traction on whatever variable type of surface the tripod is placed on, and holes in the feet allow the tripod to be bolted to the ground if necessary. Another feature is a safety chain that prevents leg movements and is adjustable with a screw link carabiner, along with the optional Winch Bracket which connects to a DB/Sala Salalift II Winch or an SRL to the Sked-EVAC Tripod.


A message for Workers:
Working at height requires reliable, quality equipment. The SKED-EVAC Industrial Tripod can be used with confidence for work positioning or fall restraint protection in work-at-height maneuvers for industrial rope access or technical rope rescue when used in accordance with the regulatory safety standards it falls under. Always use life safety equipment and gear according to the regulatory safety standards for which it is classified and/or certified.

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