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Sterling F4 EscapeTech Kit

The F4 EscapeTech Escape Kit is a fire-resistant kit that had everything a firefighter needs for Getting Out Fast!

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The F4 EscapeTech Escape Kit is a fire-resistant kit that had everything a firefighter needs for Getting Out Fast! This kit includes:

50 ft EscapeTech Rope

EscapeTech is a 7.5mm escape rope that has a Technora sheath and nylon core construction.

F4 Escape Device

Sterling Rope’s innovative escape device gives firefighters an advanced, yet simple tool for emergency egress. The F4’s sleek, lightweight design (6 oz) is certified with Sterling’s escape ropes, such as the FireTech™. It is engineered to allow easy horizontal movement. The auto-locking feature adds security and confidence for a hands-free exit of a structure. The F4 can be used by all sizes of firefighters. The low profile shape packs easily in many bag styles and is available with multiple anchor options.

SAFE-D Three-Stage Carabiner

The SafeD carabiner is made from lightweight aluminum The autolock, also known as a 3-stage carabiner, is red with a black gate and requires the user to pull down on the gate sleeve before twisting.

FireFighter Anchor Hook

Choose from a Crosby, Lightning or Lightning Gt Hook

F4-50 Bag

low-profile bag with 2 velcro straps on the back for secure attachment to all common escape harnesses and belts up to 2″ wide.  The F4-50 bag is a compact, hip-style bag and designed to fit any belt or harness. It easily stores 50-feet of FireTech, EscapeTech, SafeTech or PER, which is is then enclosed by an inside flap. Two anti-debris flaps contain all of the components under a large outer flap, held securly closed by velcro.

-OR- Mercury Lumbar Bag

lumbar-style bag that hangs comfortably below your SCBA with an easy to reach reflective handle. The Mercury bag is a compact, lumbar-style bag and designed to fit around belt or harness. The large pouch easily stores 50-feet of FireTech, EscapeTech, SafeTech or PER and your F4 escape device. The outside of the pouch has a pocket designed to fit the Crosby FF or Lightning hook and a tab to secure your carabiner out of the way until it’s needed. The system is completely covered and secured by a tear-away cover flap that has an extended reflective handle so it is easy to reach while wearing your turnout gear.

  • This entire system weighs only 3.2 lbs and each component is UL certified to NFPA Escape 1983.


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